1. Time. A TripleA game runs about 8-10 times faster than a Battlemap game, since there is no need to type anything. Everything is done with a mouse. Nor is it necessary to “check” maps for accuracy. All you have to do is strategize and play.

2. Peace of Mind. TripleA is cheat-proof and minimizes ‘human error’. The game history shows all moves that have been made. Even if it was possible to somehow hack a TripleA file to change the game history, you could catch the hacking by comparing one game file with another. More importantly, since TripleA executes the game dynamics, you don’t have to worry about unintentional mistakes (in movement or placement) marring a game.

3. Game History. With just a few mouse clicks, you can view the entire history of the game. That is, you can see every step/move of the game and view the map as it appeared at the time of every step/move. This is a terrific tool for reviewing past games and improving strategies.

4. In game odds calculator—just click Ctrl B.

5. In game TUV (total unit value) statistics for powers and alliances.

6. Wide variety of maps. Bored with traditional maps? Try some of the excellent user-created TripleA maps. Many of them have a large pool of competitive players. New World Order and World at War are LARGE and well-balanced maps that are especially popular!

7. Practice Runs. Using TripleA with the play-by-email function off, you can do a practice run of your turn, which can provide valuable insight on the wisdom of your moves.

8. Edit. Editing map files is a piece of cake with TripleA.

9. There is a LIVE lobby. Once you learn to use TripleA, you can hop on the live lobby. Limited time isn’t an issue since games can be saved at any time. If you tire of play-by-forum or pbem, at any time you can play the rest of the game live using the latest save file. Or you can start a game live and play the rest by email.

10. TripleA is free and installs in a matter of minutes. Update by editor: And it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

So check out TripleA, the latest and greatest software available!

And feel free to reply to this thread with questions or additional reasons to try TripleA!

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