Axis & Allies Links

Provided here is a listing of several Axis & Allies or related links: other A&A sites, play by email, play online, and links to the rules.

Axis & Allies

Play in Tournaments

  • The Smorey Swamp – Provides lot’s of information regarding upcoming A&A tournaments.

Play by Email

    • International Axis and Allies Players Association – composed of gaming enthusiasts from every continent in the world who love to play Axis and Allies online using Play-By-E-Mail
    • Classic Dicey
    • Revised Dicey
    • Standard Zone/Territory Abbreviations (Classic)
    • A&A Revised Dicey
      • DAAK – German and English versions. Uses as actual dice roller. Requires both players to have membership (free, just have to sign up)
      • Wargamers Club – Uses the same dice roller
      • AACalc at – Does NOT have an e-mail notification that sends to both players. Site is set up as a simulator for A&AR.
      • Flames of Europe – German site, in English. The dicey can be used for all Axis and allies variants including Pacific and Europe. The dicey doesn’t send out mails instead the site has a game-log systems were you keep track of your game on the site, you can upload maps and the site can view battlemapfiles to make access easier.

Play Online

  • Axis & Allies World Club – a site for playing the Axis & Allies CD-Rom game online
  • VASSAL Game Engine – this is a board game engine that has a module for Axis & Allies and Axis & Allies Miniatures
  • TripleA – a turn based strategy game engine and axis and allies clone

Official Axis & Allies Rules