wumeng874 thanks for the effort. I didn’t have to much trouble reading your post. Your points for each power were spot on. Its really cool to communicate with people around the world that have the same interest. Germany: I would sea lion only if UK left London weak, and I as Germany could take it with only 4-5 transports, with out risking my entire air force. Help set up Italy, then pound Russia is a must. Try to get to the oil in the Middle east if you can. I agree that the German air force is the key, I like to have at least 15+ aircraft. As far as navy, after the first couple of rounds I tend to go to sub warfare. Russia: I haven’t played Russia much, but what I’ve seen is normally a defensive retreat. Make sure that you don’t get caught out of position defending your minor complexes. You need at least 35-40 infantry for Moscow at the end for a meat shield. Buy some planes. Japan: Tough to play, have to be decisive, but flexible (if that makes sense). Have to defeat China, take the Dutch East Indies, and keep the US in check. Building many transports is the key. Keep a steady flow of ground units pumping into Asia, and use your over powering air force as a tool on the land. Don’t let land battles go more then a round or two. US: As the leader of the allies (money talks :-D), TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEW TURN ORDER (especially in Europe). I think the US is the hardest to play, what you do will win or loose the war. As a team you must decide on a coarse of action, everyone is crying for help, and you can’t be everywhere. A weak US in to many places can be disastrous. I think your more effective when you can over power the opposition. You have to protect your ground troops, because it takes to long for them to get to the action. If you take a beach head, make sure that your allies can swoop in to defend your units. This is much easier now in Europe because of turn order (US leading the way). You should be able to get one of the French industrial complexes, or build your own in Norway to keep troop levels up. China: Your home nation. I’m glad to see them have a bigger role in Global 40. There is just something special about them being able to buy artillery. We don’t see it to often, but an early Japan attack on the Western Powers, or a crafty UK can make China more then just a speed bump. UK: As you said, must be an experienced player. Sacrifices will be made. Your normally all alone in the beginning, so be ready for a but kicking. We have come to believe that getting the Med fleet to safety, or joining it with the Indian fleet can be helpful in the long run (gives you options). Loosing the British fleets in attacks on the Italian navy just hasn’t worked out to well in our group. Defend London, and Egypt until the US arrives. Start rebuilding your fleet in Canada if you can. Anzac: You didn’t mention them, but they can be very helpful. They can be a distraction for Japan if they can threaten the Dutch East Indies, or can also reinforce US positions. Getting their income up really helps. Italy: Really depends on what you have when your turn rolls around. Can be dominate in the Med in the right circumstances for a few turns. You can earn a lot of income through NO’s depending on how things go with the UK. Gaining control of both sea entrances to the Med, and holding them is nearly impossible for long periods of time.  Trying to crack Egypt, control North Africa, and delay the US at Gibraltar is an unrelenting task. Oh yea, add the Mid East oil to to the mix, good luck. France: Make the most of any opportunity you get. Even if its just taking out a blocker ship for your allies, or helping defend somewhere in Africa. Hope they can liberate Paris, I like to see the “Smurfs” (blue cartoon characters) get to buy something. Good gaming from across the globe