Some questions:

1. SBR. Did the strategic bombers attack with d12 or d6? We think we added +2 like in the alpha+3.9 rules of global?!
Strats are 2D6, Tacs are 1D6.
2. Strait of Danemark: Can you pass it, while Danemark is still neutral? Or must you capture it with the Germans, to pass it in the next turn?
The rules do not restrict movement there. I will say you can pass it, but will check with Tigerman to be sure.
3. The tech development from a great nation works only for them or also for the minor states? Example: German tech dont work for Romania, Ungary etc.?! British tech works for Canada, South Africa and FEC? Can the minors spend IPC for the tech development?
Only Major Powers are allowed to research and benefit from technology.
4. Whats the ideas of the two poland rules? The first one (poland is still poland) is much different than the other, where poland units change to british. Because now the income gets to London and british units may can attack!
The preferred way to play is with Poland having it’s own units and income. Think of the other as an optional rule to simplify the game if needed or wanted.
5. Can the communist chinese attack japanese Units and territories? And can they (Communist and Nationalist China) attack the yellow japanese territories in Asia mainland?
Communist Chinese may attack Japanese with the Russians if Russia is at war with Japan. All Chinese may liberate or capture any Japanese held territory themselves since they start at war with Japan. They may not move units into any territory originally owned by Far East Command except for Hong Kong, but may move units into French Indochina or Saigon. Chinese can not attack each other, but the Communists can capture empty territories from the Nationalists.
6. Whats the rules for AA Guns? One dice for every plane or only a maximum of 3 dice per every AA Gun (Alpha+3.9)?
1D12 per aircraft.
7. Whats the definition of “Great Britain”? The lands: London, Liverpool and Scotland?
Yes, and Belfast. The British Isles.
8. Did you revised the map? On my map there are in cairo and Oslo Navalbases. But in your last version (4.1) there arent some in the setup in this states.
Good catch. I will defer to Tigerman on this. Not sure if he intended to delete those bases. I think they are supposed to be there and the setup chart was just for reference. There are no bases included on the new revised map.
9. Can the chinese fighter (american flying tigers) attack the japanese, also the burma road is captured?
Yes, as long as the US is at war with Japan. Burma road has no effect on this.
10. Did the tech works in addition to the specifics of the nations? Example: The US transports and Destroyer cost at war -1 IPC. If the US developed improved shipyards, does Trn and DD cost now -2 IPC, while US is at war?
That’s correct. Remember, tech is an option and may lead to balance issues. But it is fun and interesting!

We find our game was a little bit unbalanced, because the Axis gets 9 VC in their third turn. They capture 10 in the fourth turn and will capture the last two in their next turns. The Axis win the war trough surrender of the allies. We like the map, the units specifics and special the tech chart. We painted about 150 units by ourself and it looks great.

Thanks Variable for answering these questions.

Yes: the Straits of Denmark are passable by all nations as long as Denmark is neutral.