The Fourth Annual World at War Tournament will begin on Wednesday, March 29, 2006. To sign up, please post on this thread. Also, please make sure that your e-mail address in the AAWC database is current.


Games will be played under the Utah ruleset (normal rated-game rules determine who bids first), and each round is single-elimination.

If a game cannot be completed by the deadline for that round, then the SOLE criterion for advancement will be availability to play. This determination will be made solely from the times that a player offers to play on the tournament Rescheduling Board, so you must communicate with your opponent there. In determining who will advance, I will consider only information posted on the scheduling thread, so if there are scheduling problems, please describe them on the thread.

All unit-locked games must be played out.

Unfinished games will be arbitrated only if both players agree.

Players may post matches in the Utah DB if they both agree.

The tournament will be limited to a maximum of 64 players. (First come, first serve.)

Any disputes about which dice server to use will be resolved by the tournament director.

if you would like to see how you stack up against someone from another  club give this a  try and join in the fun at