Just gonna say we use NA, Event cards, Tech and NOs in my game and it doesn’t throw balance off. This all depends on how you have it in game. Example as Axis roll said yes we roll for each country 2 NA you get at start of game always. Event card each country draws at start of there turn so every body knows what they can do not do or loss or get something. The NOs are just for 3 Island groups controlled in game. Tech is a 10 tech table and yes random die roll after break thru but not all techs are good for your country. Not trying to say nothing negative in how you guys play. Just ideas here. Low luck has its moments too. Guys want the normal die roll risk and it does represent in game morale, supplies, accuarcy and such and such. Axis roll its funny to see when guys roll for that NA at start of turn !!! lol