For Trade, 3 of each of the following units:

U= Uncommon    C= Common  There are no rares.

15/48 Vickers    U
7/48  6-pounder  C

21/48 M4A1 Sherman  U
25/48 Red Devil          U
18/48 M1 Garand          C
16/48 Bazooka            C

32/48 Panzer Ausf G      U
30/48 PAK 38              C
29/48 MG 42              U
28/48 Mauser              C
37/48 SS- Haupsturmfuhrer  U

Will trade tanks for tanks and  Infantry for infantry. Common for common and Uncommon for Uncommon. Even up swaps. I will trade for any other units in Germany, US, Soviet and UK. thanks for looking.