You could check out the league - https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/category/29/league. Simply post a request for a game here - https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/30809/find-league-opponents-thread/1154

There are three TripleA maps played in the league:

World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition (standard, out of the box rules) World War II Global 1940 Balanced Mod3 (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/27451/g40-balance-mod-rules-and-download) WW2 Path to Victory (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/35323/ww2-path-to-victory-rules-discussion)

The games are competitive but friendly, if you fancy playing any of those games then it is the place to do it.