@Morgrim16 Ah ok. “No destroyers” and some map details indicate that you are playing the MB-edition that we call “Classic” here. In this edition every battleship that accompanies a transport for an amphibious assault has its one-shot support attack, provided there has not been a naval battle in the respective sea zone. From the official Rules Clarifications document: The only time a naval unit can fire at coastal land units is when a battleship takes part in an amphibious assault. The battleship must be in the same sea zone as the assault force to do so! Several battleships can be in the same assault and each one will have a special firing privilege called a one- shot support attack. This means that each participating battleship gets one and only one shot-not one shot at each defender, and not one shot on each combat round. … So every battleship supports exactly one amphibious assault with exactly one shot. Just indicate which battleship support(s) which assault. HTH (Moving topic to A&A Classic now.)