So far IIC seems temporarily viable but long-term problematic in 42, because Moscow is under more pressure from Western Axis and UK must go after them.  When supporting an IIC, it’s hard to keep the UK fleet in the water, much less make progress against Germany and Italy.  I’m happy to see IIC as Axis.

Persia/Ching seems like a more promising location to make a stand.  Unlike in 41, Japan can be blocked there.

I agree.
I also like to see UK IC in India, because Germany receives a lot less pressure in Europe from the West.  Besides, J can take it and use it.  If USSR and UK are going to go all out to save the Indian IC, that would be just fine with me.

As Zhukov said, Persia or Chi are better locations to take a stand.  They are, because they are very close to the Russian factories.  It is much more efficient and effective to fight close to your factories, even if you are giving up a few IPC’s per round.

UK seems to be most effective pounding out all IPC’s production from Great Britain.  The faster Germany gets pressure from the west, the better.