Yes, I built a factory in India and Australia. The Japs went for Australia first but I was able to delay them with two of my destroyers so that Aussies could build two infantry before they could get there. Added to the already 3 you have plus the artillery, the AA gun, and an American fighter and bomber that landed there. Since he was after the Aussies this gave time for the Indian Factory to build 3 Armor plus the 3 infantry, 1 Artillery, and AA gun that are already there. I was going to send my South African troops to help in Egypt but, by this time the Axis was already losing in North Africa and I sent them to India. I considered building a factory in Canada to avoid the German Air power when I built 1 or two ships near the UK when my fleet was in the Med. In the end I didn’t but it would have been nice to have. There should be the ability to build in all of these areas from the beginning. Looking at the '42 scenerio it looks very hard to build a factory in India without losing it right away.