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@DoManMacgee both maps of date 12 unjustly keep japan tanks away from Moscow or place Moscow “east” of true location and east of caspian sea, this nt only aids Moscow buut unjustly aiding Moscow, at game start, when should be three steps from east coast to Baltic not more and two steps in same turn to Moscow from pacific coast as in photos of original post. as fans we can influence the production of a real game.
however I doubt allies would ever win if ipc were accurate so at least fix the map. thanks.

IMO all Axis and Allies game pieces (in pretty much EVERY version of the game) merely represent a power’s ability to project military clout. In other words, its not literally a tank driving from Hanoi to Cairo in two turns, its that powers ability to project military strength into that area of the globe. The scale and simplicity are relative to the complexity.

There are more advanced, hex based games that will certainly satisfy your craving for the level of historical accuracy you seek.