@ItIsILeClerc: @ghr2: @WILD: I will add to that, if Japan stacks Caroline Is J1-J2 then even if the US is building in the Pac they will most likely back off too San Fran. This delays the US for a turn or so. Better for Japan if the US fleet is anchored off the coast of California then sitting in Hawaii or Queensland. How much would be in carol?�  The US might stack Hawaii anyway if he can do some damage and sets up a decent counter from WCoast and ANZAC. I’d say IF Japan goes for this, the entire IJN must be there. For the exact same reason you just gave. Otherwise the USA will just laugh ;-). And even with the entire IJN in Carol, the USA can still kill all the IJN (which can get no help from the other 15 japanese aircraft this far) in a counterstrike. What Japan still may achieve is (for the moment) less US interference in Europe… It might depend on how many destoryers does the US want to use to block.