@Celvus: Thanks for the quick Answer Elrood! I Still find this Rule a little Strange. So the Allied Fraction just stands beside the Sea Fight watching the Battle and drinking some Beer?.  Well, if that helps, imagine a vast seazone where the UK DD and Russian Sub are not in some battle group but actually far away from each other.  @Celvus: Anyway since we play by the Rules we have to respect that. Good choice, there is nothing against house rules, but I would not mess with something integral like that. The befits of mixed fleets are already crazily good. for example. UK / US fleets mass in SZ109 or 110. You think Berlin is save since you have a DD in SZ112 and few troops in Denmark, and have not many troops in Berlin (may be even none). Then: US fleet takes Denmark and after that UK goes into baltic sea and attacks Berlin, killing Germany most likely with that move. - Axis have no way to interact between US and UK moving… so its really nasty. That happened to more than one inexperienced player, since it takes some time to “see” these possible scenarios.  Just to let you see the possibilities