Well, Germany could do 6 rolls say and should get 1 tech. Since they already have Jet Power they have a 40% chance of getting either ITech or HBMR. ITech would be great, bombers not so good for Germany really. Germany might be better to do 4 rolls and save 12, at least if you got ITech you could build 6 INF right away. The bids try to prevent this ‘roll the dice to see who wins’ scenario. The axis might be better off to have Germany play the all infantry conservative ploy until a wall of infantry is built say at round 4-6. Japan should maximize it’s income while avoiding expensive trades on units, build infantry in other words then perhaps try tech big time for Japan and take the odd shot with germany. If Germany can hunker down then Japan has a few rounds where she can toss 5-6 dice and have enough left over to build a bomber right away if she gets HBMRs. BB