German naval buys aren’t looking good in this game–12$ bombers and defenseless transports make them much harder here than in Revised.

If Germany buys a Med destroyer, and sits in 14, UK can still muster 2 figs 1 bomb for a UK1 attack by moving the AC up into 15 (assuming Germany committed air to killing the destroyer in 15, which is fairly risky unless Germany uses 2 or more planes).  This is risky for UK, but even if they get diced they will kill enough that Russia mops up the rest on R2.

If Germany buys an AC, then I guess UK holds off on a UK1 attack.  But what UK can do is buy 2 bombers, and fly its figs to West Russia or West Africa.  Then rally all land forces in Jordan.  So now, if Germany lands Egy G2, UK attacks UK2.  3 figs, 3 bombers attack 2 figs 1 ac 1 bb.

The Med fleet is doomed.  I’d recommend attacking Egy on G1…at least that forces UK to either counter immediately or lose Africa, and this counter takes some pressure off Japan.