When does the US collect the extra 30 IPCs and do they collect them every round of play Including their National Objectives?

The “extra 30 IPC rule” applies only for the Pacific theatre game:


Page 9, The Political Situation, The United States: This paragraph should read “The United States
begins the game neutral. It may not declare war on Japan unless Japan first declares war on it or makes
an unprovoked declaration of war against the United Kingdom or ANZAC. Following any such unprovoked
declaration of war by Japan, the United States will receive an immediate one-time bonus payment of 30
IPCs, representing the total mobilization and transfer of military assets within the continental United
States. However, if the United States is still not at war with Japan by the Collect Income phase of its third
turn, it may declare war on Japan at the beginning of that phase. This is an exception to the rules for
declaring war (see “Declaring War,” page 11), which may normally be done only at the beginning of the
Combat Move phase.” (Note that this change applies only to the Pacific rules, and not to the Global

So the USA “only” get their bonus for their NOs (see Global Rules) during every Collect Income Phase.


Panther thank you so much for that clarification!
I thought it wierd that it did not say in the Global rules.
Now my mind can rest easy.