The allies would likely still win IF Germany also didn’t pull off a sealion attack because that would allow them to land in the UK and use it as a base to attack into France. Also if the allies wanted to be sneaky they could having Japan pinned on its home island attack from both sides of Russia forcing Germany to either give up free IPC’s or stretch its forces to defend attacks from both directions. With the USA income and the UK still free the allies can afford to do this. Or unless Rome is super stacked they could attack up through Rome. Personally as an allied player I would hit Rome and France as close together as possible and try and push in from both directions. At the same time I would use my fleet to keep Japan pinned on its home island. At that point Japan’s only real option would be to build guys to defend their home island. Or they could build some fleet trying to sink a ship or 2 each turn to force the allies to keep replacing them. But it wouldn’t matter in the long run I don’t think.