• have any of you heard of such a thing? i think it would be awesome, starting in 1914, and maybe having America join in after 3 or 4 turns or something. avalon hill should make a WW1 version

  • IMP Games has made a game on WW1 called “the great war” thu, its only avalibale on map veiw for now

  • My World War 1 variant is still being playtested but I think it should be ready soon. I’m going to make a website for it and try to advertise it on Thrasher’s site and on some others when it’s ready. The thread has been buried unfortunately but the game still lives!

  • but do you think Avalon Hill will make an A&A game for WW1 ? or what about other wars, like the Civil War, or the Revolution, or the Franco Prussian War, or the Korean War, but i guess they wouldn’t be called axis and allies then

  • The’ve got a Civil War one. Look up “Battle Cry”

  • does it have the same rules&stuff as A&A?

  • In Battle Cry u do specific battles not the entire war. Never played it but most people on the net say its good. I ll get it when I can.

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