Kriegsspiel - the wargame used for training officers in the Prussian army

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    Kriegsspiel, from the German word for wargame, was a system used for training officers in the Prussian army. The first set of rules was Instructions for the Representation of Tactical Maneuvers under the Guise of a Wargame, produced in 1824 by Lieutenant von Reisswitz of the Prussian army, based on earlier work by his father. Today it is considered the grandfather of modern wargames. This rules set established several conventions for wargaming which hold true to the present day, such as the use of maps, color coding the opposing armies as red and blue, using umpires, and uniform, complex rules for movement and combat.[1] Map scale was 1:8000[2], and the time scale was 2 minutes per one turn. Blocks were used to represent units. - Modern publishers of Kriegsspiel rules

    I’m thinking of getting myself a copy for my coming birthday  😄

  • Is there anybody selling that on this side of the Atlantic?

  • @Brain:

    Is there anybody selling that on this side of the Atlantic?

    I’m sure you could still buy it, since it’s a pdf purchase: so I assume that it’s possible for those in the US to purchase it.


    According to this article it’s possible to play via e-mail… which of course means it’s possible to play it via a forum  8-)

    I especially like this suggested game:

    WW1 or WW2 campaign

    Possibly set in 1914 in the west or east (corps level units), or a WW2 eastern front battle (division level units).  We could have teams of players, with a hierarchy, as only one set of orders would be submitted, thus minimising the umpire workload.  Teams could organise as they wished, but typically players might take roles, such as C in C, intelligence chief, operations chief etc.  They could communicate with each other all the time on plans, analysis etc. without disturbing the umpire’s deliberations.  They would not control the individual combat units directly, but rather act as the command staff of an army or army group.  The would specify attacks, divisions to be involved, date and objectives.  Combat could be resolved by the umpire using a commercial boardgame on the battle, or a PC game such as The Operational Art of War.

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