Bid of 7 - place in East Indies?

  • I must admit, I did not think of this.  It’s possible that this has been discussed before, but I have not seen it (i have looked through past posts pretty extensively, but by no means in exhaustion).  I was in a game yesterday and the allies received a 7 bid.  Although I think this is a bit high, I had not played the axis in awhile and thought it wasn’t too low either.  Instead of putting an art. in Karelia and an infantry in Egypt, the other player put an artillery and infantry in East Indies.

    This through off my gameplan as Japan quite a bit.  I think this might be a great way to slow them down (although this probably only amounts to a turn or two).  What do you all think?

  • I thought bid units have to be placed where units already exist?

  • I am not familiar with the rules regarding bidding.  I played this on TripleA and they have no code restricting this.  I will look into that.  Thanks.

  • If youre going by TripleA ladder rules than its not a legal bid. You can only place one unit per territory and you can only place units where there are existing units.

  • It would be legal here under the bid rules used in the league.

    With that said why not just bid 6 and use 2 infantry as I doubt they would ever have a chance to attack anywhere so the arty is not needed.

  • I never tought allis needed a bid but I’ll take one if offered to me when I play them.

    Just place a US submarine in the phillpine fleet.

    Japan only have one destroyer and 4 jets for the pearl harbor operation . Normally you use the DD as fodder + 2 jets on BB and send 2 jets after west coast DD/TR.

    Now, if you don’t take out that USA sub, you’ll have some real problems since targets won’t be lacking. This force some very hard choice to be made.

    Most probably, Japan will have to let go the west coast DD/TR

    You could acheive something similar with a UK sub in India sea zone but it’s harder to back up that sub afterward

  • '16 '15 '10

    Of these I like the East Indies bid a bit better because that gives a 9 ipc swing with the NO taken away from Japan.  However Japan gets Sumatra for sure on J2, and Allies have to live with the consequences of what might not have happened had they placed the bid elsewhere.

    USA sub is a good idea too.  As Japan, I’d be more inclined to skip the bb than the destroyer/tranny.

  • I don’t get the US Sub in sz50.  rather than divert forces from the US fleet attacks, I would think the better resposne would be for the japanese player to bring the CA to sz50 along with the BB.  Heck I still bring it sometimes anyway. The bb soaks the first hit, so it’s about 87% odds that there are no losses to the japanese.  11% chance they lose the cruiser which is usually not a particularly critical boat.  There’s a 2+ % chance it fails, but that’s not much different than BB vs. DD.  The main impact is that it might slightly weaken the japanese attack on the mainland making Japan not be quite as hyper-aggressive on J1,  but a couple ipcs delayed a turn or so isn’t a huge deal.  She’ll likely be swimming in cash soon enough.  Letting the us dd/transport or bb live could cause far more headaches for japan.

  • @Zhukov44:

    Of these I like the East Indies bid a bit better because that gives a 9 ipc swing with the NO taken away from Japan.

    Japan can also take New Guinea instead… (the tranny can be protected by the cruiser if you want to)

  • @TimTheEnchanter:

    I don’t get the US Sub in sz50.

    The US sub won’t fight if Japan don’t bring it’s lone DD to sink it,  
    2 fighters vs 1 BB is a tough fight without the DD to soak the hit.

    You got to make a choice, bringing that CA along won’t do anything extra to be able to hit that sub. The choice is where do you send your single DD? To kill that sub or to pearl harbor? Do you kill USA sub and commit 3rd carrier also to Pearl Harbor, which case UK ships survive?

    Not killing the sub means Borneo / Sumatra transports are in deep trouble. Having a lone AC in sz37 is not good either if Japan went after Indian UK ships. That sub will cause head aches for sure.

  • If the bid is not used in Europe/Egy, in the long run it means that Germany/Italy will capture Moscow, and Japan will at least be able to defend itself against the US.

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