• I am playing with a simple track method that uses a chart instead of paper IPC or recording on pen and paper.  This is a very simple non finalized chart, so forgive the unpolished look.  
    Basically, you mark the IPC production level with the country’s disc, and you mark how many IPC’s the country actually has with an infantry piece or antother handy marker.  When you recieve or spen IPC’s simply move the infantry piece to mark it.  It is also usefull to track how much you are spending when purchasing units.  This is particularly usefull to new players or the mathematically challenged.  The following pic shows Russia’s first purchase is progress.  Note the infantry sitting on top of the marker at space 24, showing how much Ipc the country is startin with.  Then I add 1 infantry back 3 spaces to denote how much Ipc I have left and then a chip 3 more back to indicate another inf, all the way down to the tank.  At the end of the phase you would move the marker infantry to 1, showing that Russia has 1 IPC left.                    
    What do you think?


  • That sounds like a good idea but when you reference a picture, I don’t see one.

  • Hi wmman09,  that is a good idea.  but if you dont mind,  ill tell you how we do it,  and works very well.  not to far off from what you do
    First off, we use the marker for that power to identify where they are at IPC wise ( this marker moves up & down as territorys are captured )
    We use another marker with an x drawen on it.  this marker represents how much money / IPCs that power has to spend on its next turn
    ( example;  USA spent 40 IPCs on there last turn  USA has 2 IPCs left.  marker with an x on it goes on the 2 spot on the board.  USA ends it turn at 42  plus 2 not spent  marker moves up to 44 )
    this way pieces dont fall or get knocked down during play and there are no conflicts
    This works well for us when we play  you always know where you and your opponets are territory wise and money wise

    Hope this helps

  • Good idea on the marker with an x instead of something that can easily get knocked over.  I’m also thinking about magnetising the chart and markers so they arent as easily displaced by a passing arm ar wiff of air.

  • is that the AA42 map? Why does mine look different? I’m pretty sure I own the Spring 1942 edition…

  • Yes  spring 42 map should have a long row of numbers on the bottom of the map

  • It is a modified spring 42 map designed by Imperious leader that I downloaded and printed.  It is bigger, making my gameplay a little less cramped :).  The chart at the bottom is just a homemade chart that takes up less space and counts higher than the original.

  • That should work,  happy warring and good luck droppin da dice

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