• I have recently moved to denver area,  Myself and a few friends are looking for some players for AA1942 or 50th if you have the game
    I am trying to find a copy with out paying 400.00 for one

    I will answer all posts

    Thank You in advance

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    You can download the map file under my signature, and find the items you need to print your own AA50.

    Just use your AA42 pieces and get the rules on PDF at the site.

  • Thank You  IL  I down loaded your maps with and with out charts,  and will play this way until i can find one

    Thank you very much for everything you and the rest of the die hards do on this site

    Big salute to all of you

  • My brother and I live just north of denver in the Thorton/Brighton area and play AA50 all the time, but mostly on this site because its so hard to get enough people together for a game.  The forum has a lot of advantages to face to face play especially in time and independence, but face to face is fun too.  We have both been really busy lately, so this forum is mostly all we have done for time constraints.

  • I work up in that area from time to time,  send me  a PM some time.  who knows    maybe we can get a game in some time
    I havent played with 5 people in a long time

  • That sounds good for a game, how many friends do you have who play?  We both have a copy of the anniversary edition, and thats the only version we play. Saturday’s are probably the best days, afternoons into the evening.

  • Supremecy - there’s a meetup group that happens as well at  Not sure how often the group meets but it seems to be once a month - except it seems in winter time there’s fewer meetups.  For 3 bucks, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night I think.

    Guess it’s a matter of joining that group or finding a good place (as well as a great time!) to meet.  I’m in south Denver and wouldn’t mind hosting a meet once the basement construction is done.  I’ve got anniversary and revised but wouldn’t mind starting with the 1940 versions once Europe comes out this summer.

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    i’m in boulder for the next two weeks…

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