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Mech infantry-heavy Japan?

  • I am smack in the middle of my first game but I am noticing something interesting.  I am playing Japan- and am starting to love mech Infantry!  I’ve already pushed 6 into China and I likely will be going to add 2-4 more.  Now I know historically MI was virtually non-existant in the theater, but since the board does not take into account terrain I’m finding the MI’s move of 2 crucial to my China strategy.  With the Chinese ability to place troops in newly captured territories turning that part of the board into a giant “whack-a-mole” scenario, I found I need speed to respond … Tanks are just too pricey and footsloggers too slow. Anyone else finding this with their Japan ground plans?

  • Man
    Mech infantry is the key to japan and India,
    Even better if you managed to build an industry on the continent!

  • From what I read you can only blitz or move 2 spaces with mech infantry only if it is escorted with a tank.

  • They can move two spaces at any time (noncombat). They can only blitz thru enemy territory if accompanied by a tank.

  • Thanks for the clarification, still somewhat hazy on all the new rules in this setup.  Only playing one game of it and viewing the rulebook just a handful of times needs to change for me since I am usually the AA rulebook expert amongst my friends.

  • Official Answers


    They can move two spaces at any time (noncombat).

    A two-space movement could also be a combat movement, if the first territory is friendly.

  • Since Japan has so many planes I find MI are really useful as bullet sponges. The planes provide mobile killing power, the MI mobile protection for the planes and occupation.

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