• It seems to me that the aftermarket for WAS peices is so much cheaper than boosters that boosters just make no sense.
    A really good rare is worth about, what, $10? Most are worth less than that. The other four items in the box are usually $1 or less.
    So why buy boosters at all? If I’m extremely lucky the value of what I get it about equal to purchasing aftermarket, except unlike buying on the above site, I don’t choose what I get. So, then, what’s the point?

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    Well if you look a lot closer you’ll see that most of the ‘good’ units are out of stock at that site. They have none of the ‘good’ US carriers or planes in stock. (I didn’t look at other nations but I’d guess it is similar story there.) They seem to have a lot of the newest set but I don’t know the viability of making anything but casual fleets with only that set.

    It also depends on what your aim is. If you just want enough stuff to play a 200pt game with your buds the secondary market is probably the way to go and you can just buy the stuff you want in your fleet if it is in stock.

    If you want all the pieces, or to make big battles or house rule your own system, or to play in tourneys, you won’t really be best served by just getting singles.

    Like any ‘collectible’ game you have to decide for yourself what playing is ‘worth’ to you.

  • T&T is low on a lot of miniatures at this point, but they tend to be pretty well stocked, in general. Things on Ebay and other sites tend to go for similar prices. In collecting them all its useful to be able to pick which ones are missing rather than buying packs and hoping for the few rares you need to complete the set. In building large fleets, a significantly lower cost per model is a big help. Tournaments tend to be sealed anyway as I understand it, which forces boosters in that context.

    Its true that its getting harder and harder to find the base set, even in aftermarket. But that applies equally to buying packs and buying singles.

  • I weighed the difference between buying singles or boosters. Singles for me. I get what I want and thats it. Even if I was buying for historical scenarios I would still buy singles because their usually ships that are cheap to purchase.

    I tried to buy a flank speed base set not to long ago from miniaturemarket and the guy wasn’t into any kind of deal. I don’t blame him though. I wonder how many booster cases he had to crack to get what he had.

    Speaking of crack, Wizards got us all buying this stuff like we were all on crack.

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    Cause Boosters are Fun to open

  • I’ve found in other games the economics of it are a little close… bulk boosters tend to get you a reasonable enough value that they are worth it unless you want something specific. WAS though seems like even if you aren’t looking for anything specific boosters aren’t worth it.

  • Boosters are worth it to a point… when you first start collecting it is nice to get extra “common” pieces like certain fighters, destroyers, etc.  Once you narrow the set down a bit try to pick up individual pieces on line. Here in Reno I have started ordering the boosters online because I can buy them in bulk while the game stores will order them and sell them to me for twice as much.  I don’t mind supporting local folks but I also believe in saving a significant amount of money. (example- got pacific for sixty bucks online and would pay over a hundred at the one store in town that had it).

    So I order half a case of boosters when I can (depending on the set this can be 38-55 dollars for six cases). That nets 30 pieces. Out of a paycheck a bit later I can get a second half case for thirty more and then I start thinking about picking up any pieces I really want online.  This is my new idea rather than just getting one booster at a time (especially when it is overpriced more often than not 20 bucks for WAS or 1939-1946).

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    wow, Boosters locally are $15 each and starters are $25

  • take a look at game outfitter online


    There are probably better deals on the net. It is still better than picking up locally here in Reno. There are few places that have some rare pieces- noble knight games has a few but I am sure you can find some a hair cheaper at other places.

  • I have just started playing and collection these games in the last 2 weeks.  OK so from a new guy perspective.  The boosters are a joy on the unknown but I know what country I want to collect so buying individual pieces is the way to go.  The boosters are worth it if you buy by the case I figure.  Just my 2 worthless cents.


  • Noble Knight Games has all the ships sorted by Nationality as well as the booster pack.

    I ordered half a case of WaS a week ago and out of six packs got one allied first line carrier, the Ark Royal. I still have to pick up the Big E. though. Might take my extras of Hood and Bismark to work and have put em on my desk somewhere…

    Has anyone seen or tried the new vinyl map they have out now?

  • The reason is that people assume that because it is on ebay that they are getting a good deal and dont bother to check prices anywhere else.

    OMG its ebay must be a bargain etc.  Have had clients do this and family members before I informed them that they had wasted 100s of £s

  • boosters keep stores interested
    then that keeps the supplier interested
    that keeps the creator interested

    A store near me lets us open up the boosters

    I got the three big carriers for 14.00 each

    so why not
    the store sells 6 a week

    and we keep each other happy

    so they might be


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