• Ok now I believe the US is not allowed to move troops into canada before war is declared.  I was wondering if this is correct, as it would really help against a kill the US strat by Japan, and would make sense as well, if the US could move troops to alaska or into Canada before wartime.

  • A power that is not at war may not attack neutral territories.  Powers that are not at war may not move units into a friendly power’s territories or onto its ships or use its naval bases, nor may friendly powers move units into its territories or onto its ships or use its naval bases.  However, the United Kingdom and ANZAC have a special relationship with each other and with other powers.  They may move units unto each other’s territories or ships and use each other’s naval bases while not being at war, as well as move into certain other powers’ territories (see The Political Situation on page 8).

  • True enough, but there are already alot of special cases and canada has its own symbol so there may just be a special case i’m hoping  😄

  • It would be reasonable for the US to send troops through Canada to Alaska.  If Alaska was attacked before they arrived, then what do you expect the troops in Canada to do?  Of course they would attack the Japanese in Alaska, and Canada would be darn glad they did.

    I think this should be allowed in the political situation.

  • The Alcan Hyw to Alaska was not started until after Pearl Harbor , so overland transport of troops would have been done by sea until around late 1943  😄

  • Even if a consensus were reached that the Japanese KAF strat is too powerful, I don’t know that you would really want to take units out of Wus, would you?

  • Only if I were working on an Alaska Base plan.  I still wouldn’t want the Japanese to get a toe hold in my part of the world.

  • oops, it seems ive been cheating by rushing my Mech infantry and Tank to Alaska as US every US 1.

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