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    I was just watching a documentary on his life and I was thinking why hasn’t anyone made a movie based on his life? I know, left field thought, but he would be the perfect real life story for someone interested in making a film where a gothic real life and abstract creation of one start going back and forth, a.k.a. Poe lives out his real life demons in stories which are represented on screen…

    Also what is your opinion on his works? Do you find them fascinating?


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    Hi there,

    I love his works, and while I’m not aware of any film having been made concerning his life, I can recommend an excellent book called ‘Black Plume’ by David Madsen. It is a fictional work based upon Poe’s adventures in America. A strong focus on his battle with consumption as well as a good look at the ciminal underworld. A must read!  🙂



  • I love Poe’s work and would love to see a movie on his life story.

  • Some parts of it would have to be dark and creepy.  Cuz its Edgar Allen Poe!

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    A really interesting read, “The Poe Shadow” by Mathew Pearl.

  • …and I’m so goth that I fart darkness.

  • Here is the link to a biography video of Edgar Allen Poe:


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    Was I a prophet?? 😮

    I totally forgot about this thread but hey, my wish came true…


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    Isn’t John Cusack staring in a movie as Poe?

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    Isn’t John Cusack staring in a movie as Poe?

    Yes he is, and a fine Poe he makes…

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