• i “inherited” my A&A from my older brother. he got it in 93. its looks old but how old is it. when was the last original A&A released and what price was it. i’ve searched endlessly in ireland for a copy of it or A&AE, A&AP but to no prevail.

  • last sumer AAP was released. July I believe.

  • its damn hard to get those games in europe, im pretty sure you can get it at some shop in Dublin or some other big city in Ireland. I suggest searching on the internet, using google for example, to find a shop who sells it then order it from that shop or visit it.
    Good luck.

  • You may also check different internet sites that sell the game…some company’s will ship anywhere for a “fee”.

  • Unfortunately for Europeans, it is easier to find the games in the US. I got extremely lucky last year and found the CDROM in a toy store! I haven’t seen the board game for sale for a few years. Haven’t seen A&AE or A&AP at all. I’ll admit I haven’t been looking real hard though…

  • '19 Moderator

    I’ve seen AAp and AAE in game stores here, I haven’t looked for the original in a while. I have a copy and my Game partner has two. We also each have a copy of World at War. We never run out of pieces.😉

    I don’t know how international shipping works, but I would be willing to do what I can to help. Especialy a fellow from the “home land” 😄

  • it’s all over the place in canada.

  • Yep, it’s easy to get in Canada. Picked up A&A, A&AE, and A&AP all at Toys R Us in Whitby, Ontario about 2 weeks ago. $49.99 Canadian each.

    Also seems to be carried in comic/hobby stores around here. Silver Snail comic store in Toronto has it.


  • i also got pacific at toys r us for 39.99 canadian.

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