Tactical Bombers - Question not a complaint about lack of pieces

  • If I’m in a battle and I’m bringing fighters (or tanks) and tactical bombers in a one to one pairing, do the tactical bombers attack at 4 for the entire combat or do I re-evaluate at each round of combat? That is to say, if I lose a fighter (or tank) in a round of combat but keep the tactical bomber, is the tactical bomber’s attack value reduced to 3 (assuming no other tanks or fighters are present) for the next round of combat or does it remain at 4?

    I assume this is identical to when an artillery bumps up an infantry from 1 to 2. However, in this situation the thing-that-gets-bumped is almost always taken as a casualty before the thing-that-does-the-bumping.


  • The way I read the rule you check every round of rolls to see if anything is getting modified.  If you lose a tank or fighter which is bumping up the tac bomber, it drops to a 3.

  • '19

    yep. every round.

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