• I think Ive found a bug.

    If every landscape with an Industrial Complex, covered with an AA gun, and you buy a new one, you cant place that new one anywhere.

    if you place him on, for eXample, Wake Island “he” says: “Can only place the unit (AA gun) on landscape with Industrial Complex”

    and if you place on, for eXample, West America, “he” says: “Only 1 AA gun allowed per landscape”.

    so what do I have to do? Ive bought the AA already, but cant place him anywhere… 😞

  • Actually that is not a bug that is what the rules say. 😮 If you have purchesed an AA and you already have AA at each of your IC’s you lose the gun. 😞 Sounds kind of stupid to me, you should be allowed to place multiple AA as long as only one in that territory is allowed to fire at enemy aircraft per turn. But it is there none the less. The way around it would be to move an existing AA during the non-combat move phase. They can be moved one space or loaded on to transport, much like infantry. Then you would be able to place your purchased AA.

  • yeah, but I forgot to move it in the none-combat turn :x

  • BUT if you get the 1.3.3 patch ( http://www.spring1942.com/Resources/downloads.asp ) i found out that after you get the patch you can place AA guns in countries. Try it!

  • thx! Ill check it out 😄

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