• Well, I know many of you are used to snow, but here in Cordoba (southern Spain) is a very rare stuff. I myself is the first time in my 31 years of life I see snowing at my home city. It’s wonderful! And it’s very amazing seeing the palmtrees covered with snow  :lol: And it’s a heavy snow day!  🙂

    So it’s a white winter finally here, at least for one day!  8-)

  • its the global warming, you see the hot air go straigt out into space, and the northern globe will freeze.

  • We’ve had one of the longest coldest winters (with the most snow) for many years. We’re a country used to snow, but it ground us to a halt for a few days. Lots of power cuts too.

    Europe was covered by a very cold front from the north. The satellite map of Britain says it all…

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