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    Ok, I need some input from the vast number of people on this great forum,

    first off,
    do you like the colors of the different countries?
    particularly, do you like the territory colors of ANZAC, the Dutch, and the French
    I plan on making units for them to match their territory colors (currently they use british units, which will change soon), so i need to know if their territory colors are good
    other questions would be things like do you like the art so far? do you like the flags?
    the relief tiles are being worked on, so do not judge them too much yet…



  • For the most part, the coloring of the countries is pretty good (I particularly like your choice for ANZAC). The only ones I don’t like are the French/Dutch territories. Maybe lower the saturation a bit on both?

    Purple for China is fine, but a light lime-ish green would look nicer IMO. Something like #33ff33 [RGB = 51, 255, 51] maybe?

    My only other suggestion is (if possible) move where the Shipyards/Airbase icons are put. Rather than having them directly on the territory, offset them so they’re on the coastline – Partially on the territory, partially on the sea zone.

    Not only would this make them easier to find/distinguish and look sharper IMO, it would also solve the problem of not being able to see the actual territories of certain islands like Guam and Wake when they have an Airbase/Naval base on them.

    But with the fact that the engine sees them as a unit, and changes their location based on how many units are in the territory, I’m not sure if you could do that with the present coding.

    Overall, very solid work. Looking forward to being able to play this once finished. =]

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    thx for the reply, appreciate it

    i’ll look into the colors a bit more, opinions on anzac seems to be either love-hate right now
    so far the dutch people like the color i chose for them, and i will lower the saturation of france

    i am keeping china purple, though what color of purple is up for debate

    the game treats factories, air and naval bases all as units, and so things do change based on how many units are in any territory and when they move out or add more.

    however, i can make them the FIRST unit, and maybe edit the placements to show the first square being on the coast or something…… I’ve never edited the actual placement file, I always let the auto-placement-finder do it, so we’ll see if this is feasible or not.

  • When I tried to download this game on Triple A, I got a game called Russia vs China instead(it’s on the Pacific 1940 map, with even setups for Japan, India, US and ANZAC, but not P40). Is this supposed to happen?

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    look a little lower in your game chooser for “World War II Pacific”

    Also, I updated Pacific 1940 a day ago, and it only works in TripleA 1.4 right now, which is the new release.

    Carriers, mech infantry, and politics, are all coded now.

  • Can you link me to the 1.4 download? I can only find 1.3 on the website.

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  • http://yojimbo.ca/triplea/global/preview.jpg

    Those colors look much better, no offence Veq.  The Dutch colors are a little bright though.  (thats standard neutral tho, I think)

  • Oh, now it has Global 1940 Alpha?

  • TripleA

    So I downloaded the Pacific 1940 game and it buggered up my TripleA.

    Everytime I open it, there is an error box that comes up, and the game doesn’t show in my program.

    Any ideas?

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    the current Pacific 1940 can only be played with TripleA 1.4, and not with TripleA

    the errors you are seeing is TripleA telling you it does not understand the map.  The error does not cause any problems to any other maps, or to triplea in general.  the error will simply stop you from playing pacific on

    Solution 1: ignore error, close it every time it shows up
    Solution 2: start using triplea 1.4 instead of
    Solution 3: move the offending map zip/folder OUT of your
    users/triplea/maps/ directory, and put it in your program
    files/triplea/triplea_1_4/maps/ directory. This means the maps will only
    be available to triplea 1.4, and not to other versions of triplea (and also
    means that won’t see them, and won’t generate the error).
    Solution 4: delete the offending map (not all maps, just the one with the
    new features that doesn’t have)

  • Veqryn - any idea of a general timeframe when Global 1940 will be available on TripleA?

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    i hope to release triplea 1.5 by end of december,
    and then global and pacific by 2 weeks after that release

    they will be playable, but not bug free of course

    i did finish coding strat bombing air battles and scrambling, and the political engine is all coded too, so we are getting pretty close

  • '16 '15 '10

    Great to see a playable version of Pacific with the latest release!

    Does the current version (1.5 unstable) follow the OOB rules or does it incorporate the Alpha +2?

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    there is an alpha for Pacific?

    the one on the download list is OOB + errata, and it is working 100% according to the rules (for TripleA 1.5)

  • '16 '15 '10

    I don’t know.

    When people refer to Alpha or Alpha +1 are they referring to this?


    or are they referring to the Alphas for the combined global game?

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