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When do you typically use Kamikazes?

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    I was wondering when do you guys typically use your kamikaze attacks.

  • never really had  A chance to use them…i really dont like throwing planes away…and its no guarantee of a hit either

  • I dont think any plane throwing is necessary. These are just free attacks with a ‘2’ AFAIK.

  • Yeah, you don’t lose any aircraft when using a Kamikaze attack. That’s what the little Kamikaze cardboard pieces are for.

  • I never use them…

    …because I’m never losin as Japan.  😉

    No, seriously.  My general philosophy is to use them as soon as possible on targets of value, which is always a carrier, or sometimes another ship.  AAP40 is a game of balance.  If you’re close to even but starting to have the tide turn against you.  A few critical free hits may swing it back.  If you wait too long, the difference is not enough to swing an overwhelming wave.

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    Ah…so you do not lose the aircraft.

    Perhaps different strategy then.


  • If you want to make sure the carrier will sink you will need to use all 6 Kamikazes on that same carrier. In that case I think it is more rational to use the Kamikaze on cruisers. Attack a cruiser with two kamikazes and you might sink a 12 IPC unit. Even an 8 IPC destroyer is a better target than a carrier.


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