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    In order to collect full income from a territory/island adjacent to a convoy zone the zone must be free of enemy subs/surface warships, correct ?

    sz19 is adjacent to 4 income producing territories with a total IPC value of 9. Does that mean , with the requiste number of units, one could deny the owner of the terriories 9 IPCs?

    If a sz borders 2 territories one axis the other allied, and the sz contains ships/subs for both, both countries income must be adjusted ?

    Moving warships, subs into a neutral convoy zone constitutes an act of war?

    An act of war by Japan against any neutral (except Mongolia) results in a state of war with all allies while an ANZAC/UK attack on Japan maintains US neutrality. Should the US violate neutrality what is the Commonwealth status ?

    US neutrality ends after J3. This means the US can attack on US3 ?

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