• Kreighund,

    Can the Japan in J1 move a lone transport onto the Hawaiian seazone, bypass the US transport (no naval attack) and unload to attack Hawaii without having US scramble (since they can’t attack US and since there was no naval attack)

    The rulebook is very contradicting and confusing on this

    thanks :-)

  • Official Q&A

    From the FAQ:

    If a power makes a combat move against a power with which is not yet at war, a state of war between those powers (and possibly others) will immediately result.  All territories and sea zones containing units belonging to the newly hostile power or powers instantly become hostile, and the normal restrictions of moving into or through hostile spaces apply.

    Moving a transport into a sea zone to conduct an amphibious assault is a combat move.  Since a state of war immediately results, the US can scramble air units.

  • ahh, thank you… :-)

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