AAP40 Day 18 from Release Date–Opinion poll: Who is favored to win?

  • This debate will rage on, but let’s see what this week’s opinion is.

  • I have only played two games, both were J3 attacks, one with a UK2 attack.  Neither game was played to the end.  Ijust don’t have time to play as much as some fellows here.

  • I have played four games

    Japan:1 Allies:3

    Each side definently has a chance, although their are few things or territories Japan has to do or take in the first three turns; victory depends upon small scale tactical decisions that so far have varied in each of these games.

    Against a competent Allied player, a J1 attack does not work( it would be a poorly designed game if it did).

    Aswell as great balance and variety, this game has a very historical feeling. China is finaly powerful and there is alot of incentive for Japan to not even mess with china at all. There is alot of incentive for the US to defend australia and campaign in the south pacfic instead of just heading straight for Japan. The UK fortress of Mayala is accaully well defended and protected now(you have to amphibously assault it in most situations). It is wierd that Japan can get as much or more IPCs than the US, but this is A&A and it makes for the great naval battles that AA50 lacked.

  • I have played 4 games…

    Allies 3  Japan 1

    However…Japan came close twice if it wasnt for some very bad strategy on my part in one game and bad ideas on their side…

    To me…the allies are favored but Japan can easilly win this game…its not like the old versions of A&A when the allies definately had the upper hand

  • We had 2 games going simultaneously last night …

    Board #1 was very Japan heavy up until about 3/4 of the way through the game, at which point things started to go horribly wrong for him, and the allies managed to slowly claw their way back (this particular game took almost 8 hours to play) and win the day.  Japan decided to hit the US west coast at the start of round 3 which caused a lot of damage and great upset, cornering the US primarily in san fransisco for a large portion of the game.

    Board #2 was an allied victory almost all the way.  Japan rolled over China for the first 3 turns, otherwise ignoring the pacific (with some tactical buys for his fleet/air force, but clearly not enough).  Once the allies entered the war in turn 4 however, Japan was on the constant retreat up until the US decimated her fleet in the sea of Japan, allowing the UK to waltz in and take over Tokyo with almost no fight.

    Over-all : 2 games … 2 allied wins (so far)

  • 8 games so far.
    Japan 2 wins
    Allies 5 wins
    one draw

    So I voted allies. Also because the times Japan did win it was with a little more luck then average.

  • Wow…some folks on BGG are screaming that the Allies have no chance if Japan parks next to US…Of course if the save their money and dump a huge fleet in contested waters by turn three (since war will be on if Japan attacks mainland) I am not seeing it.  Please tell me you guys are not seeing a clearly broken game!  I have played three games to turn 7 with a clear Allied advantage (the experienced player each time). :?

  • Nope, 10.

  • I really hate the US NO rule.

    It stops the US been the game breaker for Japan.

    If you are playing the global game, after capturing your 2 island objectes + 1 Hawaii and India you are going to go at Moscow, instead of the gold mine of WUS.

    As far as I see, the US is still a war if Japan capture WUS, so Jpan should get 50. I am definatilly playing with it as 50.

    Anyone agree with me.

  • I have seen it very very even.  I played two games and I am 2-0, one with allies and one with Japan.  Both against very good but not spectacular opponents (Im not great but I can be creative and level headed).  The games were slugmatches from the very beginning. 
    Both games were won and lost in China and the victor was able to play a better game of cat and mouse with their American/Japanese navy.  Its probably the best and most balanced axis and allies expierence I have had.

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