Fortress America, Conquest Of The Empire, and Shogun

  • i have that britannia game, but i’ve never played it (it’s actually my bro’s and he used to play it alot) is it as good as A&A or diplomacy or settlers of catan?

  • yes it is :)…

    i would say the luck is more evenly distributed (you can’t do make-or-berak battles that easily) than in A&A. I don’t like Catan that much, so i would say it is better than that anyway.
    Plus: i always love to play game with a historic background, and this is done nicely, with “easy” rules that still often lead to a more or less accurate “replay”… although strange things can and do happen in that sense :). The rules are slightly more complex than for diplomacy, A&A or the like, but by no means come anywhere close to Avalon Hill’s average complexity

  • Well, I’m a big fan of Catan. Its one of those games that can be played a thousand times and never get old.

    Britannia though, well its probably one of the most fun games to sit around a table with 4 friends and play. Its up there with Atlantic Storm and Illuminate.

    Problem with the Welsh is they score like 2 or 3 points every round for the duration of the game, assuming the Irish or Saxons or Romans don’t attack.

    But if they can make that break out around turn 5 or 6, then it can get interesting.

  • is that IMP WW1 game done yet? or has it been done? do any of you know where you could buy it if it is out? i saw this 1 pic of it and it looks pretty fun.

    yanny, have you played any of the expansions for settlers? i have the seafarers one, and that adds a new twist of islands that you can build boats to get to.

  • I have played Fortress America and Conquest Of The Empire both…but not for years. I own them but just haven’t really been into them for a long time.

  • I have played Seafarers, once. I love the Gold Mines.

    I also own Starship of Catan, though I haven’t played it yet.

  • i heard from somebody that starship wasn’t as good as the original or seafarers, but i really don’t know b/c i’ve never played it

  • Its a lot different. Hard to explain.

  • I have played Seafarers, once. I love the Gold Mines.

    I love Seafarers. The problem is that it’s too short and a tad expensive. 😢

  • I like the card game for Catan though. So, even i haven’t played the expansion to the board that would translate into “Cities and Knights”, i still think i’d enjoy that one a lot.

  • cities and knights is okay, but i prefer the original and seafarers. cities and knights changes around some of the basic rules which made the original and seafarers so good. have you played the expansion thing for up to 6 people? does that change the rules around or anything, or does it just give you more spaces and more pieces? i wouldn’t spend any money on that, b/c when i play settlers w/ more than 4 people, we just put like 2 people on 1 or 2 of the teams.

  • Get the Original, sit 4 friends around a table, and play for 10 hours straight. Thats my idea of a good night of Settlers.

  • I’ve got shogun but only just started playing it, lots of fun! Diplomacy is fun, and best when played with lots of players and lots of rooms to slink back to and negotiate. It’s been years since I played, we used to have a box to put your written moves down for each turn, of course nothing prevents you from showing your “allies” you move, stick it in the box, then slip in a new set of orders with “Supercedes previous orders”, backstarbbing is the name of the game…. 🙂

    Anybody here of a game called Nuke-war? A card game. What about a board game called apocalypse? Map of europe and north africa, 1 kind of piece, chains of various valued territries to get more men (2 green territories=1 man, 3 yellow=1, 4 tan=1 or 8 white=1). Combat was simple, you pick a # on a dice and so does the enemy. If the # is the same, you lose that # of men, if not, you win, he loses a unit and you get 1 stage to a new nuke missle or start a new missle with that stage. If the enemy is wiped out, you move that # of men in…


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