• okay gentlemen, I have a question for you considering the first turn of the game, there is a transport sitting between New Georgia and Bougainville in Sea Zone F.  Can I get away by loading the supply off New Georgia and also an infantry unit off Bougainville leave the transport in the same Sea Zone, and during the unloading phase place the supply unit on Bougainville and the infantry unit on New Georgia?

    Thank you,

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    That is a legal move. You are allowed to load from and offload to more than one island adjacent to the sea zone the TRN is in.

  • Frimmel knows his stuff.

    As for me, I never leave anything on Bougainville <sp?>on the first turn.  Put everything on Choisuel and New Georgia and see where it goes from there.  I leave one Infantry on Santa Isabel so I can use the Navy Guns on the US invasion force.</sp?>

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