Wich game is the best to begin playing with?

  • Hi,

    I would like to start playing Axis and Allies, but i have no idea wich of the 3 versions is the best to begin with.
    Can you help to choose?

  • A&A for shure!

  • Axis and Allies is the best game to start with. If you like a lot of ground attack Axis and Allies Europe is for you. If you like a lot of sea attack then Axis and Allies Pacific is for you. I think axis and allies is the best starting one.

  • Pacific and Europe you get some new rules that arent in the original. Get the original i say.

  • Thx already!
    I think I am really going to love this game. :lol:

  • YOU BETTER! :evil:
    just jokes

  • lol 😄

    That’s the reason I’ve started this poll 😉

    Everybody tells me that I should buy the first edition of Axis and Allies, but why? I it because the new rules in the later versions are that more difficult?

  • no, get the 3rd edition! its more balanced out then the other ones!

  • @GeZe:

    no, get the 3rd edition! its more balanced out then the other ones!

    Hello, I’d like to know when the 3rd edition was released?

  • I’m just a newbie to A&A and I haven’t have a set of any version of it yet.

    BTW, which of them do you guys think is the funniest and most chanllenging? I think that if the new versions (AAE and AAP) are more advanced, I’ll go straight for one of the new version.

    I’m thinking of buying one too! In fact I want to have all 3~~ :lol:
    but I don’t have enough money to do so…
    So I’m going to have one only…

  • A&A original is the best. You get the whole to unified or conquered and you’ve got 2 axis players. In europe germans are alone and in pacific japan is alone IMHO being alone in a team game is a little bit boring…

    A&A is the best ! and if you want a mor advanced version of A&A get the xenogames extension 1939:the world at war. The map is redefined with more countries to take upon, the games is starting at the begining of the war, france is still there (but for a short while:P ), the neutral countries have units on them etc… but start with the original one and you’ll begin to get bored of it, get the wolrd at war. And then, if you want to do something new with old stuff get A&A pacific and europe. Personnaly i don’t have these because like i’ve said before playing axis alone…You’ll never regret it if you do things this way, i promise 😉

  • But there might be one more consideration for me…

    I can just gather 2 more guys to play with me usually (sometimes even 1 vs 1… 😞 )

    So… in this case… will AAP be the best choice for me?

    If there’s only 3 (or even 2) guys playing the original AA, it seems that the axis force is still alone… no partner…

    How do you guys feel? 😉

    It gives you the most options.

    AAP is a better second choice IMCO.
    Bow wow wow!
    WOOF woof WOOF!

  • '19 Moderator

    All right who said AAE?

    Quit being a Knuckle head and conform to the standard!

    We want no rebels here!

  • @dezrtfish:

    We want no rebels here!

    “Always mystify confuse and confound the enemy” Gen. Thomas J Jackson

    Man, you gotta have stoneballs to say that, dezertfish! :lol:

  • how good is AAP to start with? thats the only version i seen at the store today, i am sure i can order the others but i was just wondering about the pacific theatre

  • @Lint:King:

    how good is AAP to start with? i am sure i can order the others but i was just wondering about the pacific theatre

    Now there’s an argument for you!

    Li _ka, (Just trying out a short form for your nick… some of these guys come up with some good ones.)
    I think you may have trouble finding these in the stores. IF YOU SEE THEM BUY THEM! I know guys that have been looking for years.

    I believe your questions might be answered on another string/thread here. If I can spot quickly them I’ll post them here. Or you could look through this “Player Help” forum or “Axis & Alies” forum.

  • ya i seen pacific in a store around here i want to get it . is there like any major flaws with it or anything…… like balance wise ?

  • Li_ka,
    No answers in “Player Help.” You might also glance through “General Discussion” forum.

    As for your flaws or balance question the argument rages. Many like the game as a second choice.

    SOMEBODY else please answer!

  • There have been discussions about this on this site (just don’t recall which forum), with the most experienced players preferring A&A. Other comments I remember: that AAP makes for fast play, great sweeping maneuvers across the ocean… that AAE boils down to a slogging war of attrition between Germany & Russia (but with this you get a great feeling for the importance of coordinated maneuver, deployment and counterstrike).

    Personally I started with AAE – and I’m still with it! But I am looking forward to playing the A&A and AAP. In AAEurope, I have found enough complexity and variety to see that it gets more interesting all the time, like any good game. There are new strategies and tactics that each of the players can attempt and perfect. There are enough combinations of these, to keep the other side off balance and scrambling.

    Another thing I notice is that different players bring their own style to the game – and the game is better for it, another sign of great game design.
    Anyway, it seems to me that any of these three versions will be challenging, entertaining, and historically stimulating … if I had it to do over again, I might go with A&A first, because after all::::: it really was a WORLD war.

  • I said A&A:E because I found out of all three games A&A:E was the easiest to learn and play.

  • Moderator

    AaA definitely…

  • The first one is a classic, and it also, doesn’t fluctuate rule wise as much…

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