• when britain takes over a Japanese territory, besides Siam and Indonchina, who(Australia or India) gets the IPC boost? And why are there two NCPs for the British convoy?

    kinda sucks that a fighter going after a battleship isn’t such a good move anymore like in the original

  • i think it doesn’t mater who gets the IPC boost b/c they’re the same! You add up Idian and Austria icome and then (as you wish) divided the income between them. So you see it doesn’t matter.

  • Actually, it matters a great deal who the newly captured territory goes to. I’m afraid Harry is incorrect in his analysis of the rules. The only cash that is divided between Australia and India is that which comes from the three British convoy Centres in the area. That is why India and Australia have seperate markers on the National Production Chart. The Indian money goes to India, the Australian money goes to Australia, and the money from the convoy centres goes to one or both. You must decide who gets each new territory after capturing it.

  • opps i been playing wrong then :oops: :oops: sry guest!!!

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