• Do you attack all land units on an island, even if parts of the island are surround by different sea zones? Example New Georgia, you can land Japanese on the smaller chain of the island away from the main body. Do you need a transport to move to the larger part or just move the land units. the question comes from a sea to land fight…artillery is not adacent to sea zone. but when land attack is perform artillery is used.


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    Each island group is considered to be only one game space, so it doesn’t matter which individual island a piece is on.  All the pieces are all in the same space, so they all attack and defend together, and you don’t need a transport to move them between islands within the group.  As such, they are also all adjacent to the same sea zones.  Everything in the New Georgia group is adjacent to sea zones F, G and I.

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    Geez, the most activity this board has seen in awhile and Krieg beats me to all the fun.  :lol:

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