• Here’s some nice grungy, worn, battle-hardened desert units. Italian & German. AAM minis, “V2” scale (1:100).
    Stug and Flakwagon are heavily modified, others ar eonly mildly modified. Skirts were sawed apart at the tops and twisted so they dont all make such a nice, straight, line. Then the Skirts were scuffed. Most have crews, the stug has a crewman repairing minor engine damage while the others stand watch. Flakwagon also has mesh skirts, brass handrails, headlights, feelers, and an interchangeable gun system so that a 37mm and 88mm version can be made with only new guns. Brumbar is being assisted with loading by a foor soldier. Semovente is in the heat of battle.

  • How do you remove the paint from your AAM vehicles?

  • I dont remove the paint underneath. I apply a light coat of primer and paint over it.

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