• When a Nebelwerfer uses the ROCKET SALVO against a target and a adjacent soldier is a sniper (with cover), can this sniper be hit or not?
    Normally he uses his superior camouflage cover!

  • Yes, he can be hit in this case.

  • Ok had a discussion with my opponent last night, when I was trying to eliminate his sniper. I couldn’t approach him so tried it tis way.
    He was shooting all my SS panzergrenadiers and SS officers one by one.

    Is there another way to eliminate those bastards?

  • Anything with Blast, as long as the original target is not the sniper.

    You can always toss in a Paratrooper and/or Wehrwolf Partisan to get to the sniper.

    My personal favorite are a couple of BMW’s…they are generally fast enough to get adjacent to the sniper.  If you include them, be sure to have a Grizzled Veteran in your build as well.

  • Yes I LOVE the grizzled Veteran… and the wherewolf partisans I have yet to get. I’ve lost an entire battle by being ambushed by partisans!

    But alas! No stores carry AA miniatures anymore and I have no one to play with anymore  😞

    I miss this forum. It’s been a year since my last visit. GOD how I miss it.

  • You can always play online right here.  We used to have a whole group on here that played.

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