Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 Unit Count

  • Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know the unit count by country and unit?  I loved Anniversary when it listed the number of units by country.  All I have is 454 total but not how it is distributed by country.

    I have found that I am always short a piece here and there or have damaged pieces.

  • No, I haven’t. I only know that Japan has 6 tac bombers, while they need 10 at start up.

    China has only inf, they use US units for artillery and a fighter.

    What surprises me is that ANZAC has very much units. I don’t think in any game they will be able to build even half of that. They will mostly have 10 or 15 IPC, with an occasional conquered Dutch island.

  • It looks like there are a system to the piece count. USA, UK and ANZAC got exactely the same number of pieces, and Japan got a dobble set, except on Tac’s and Mech’s. Its like when Italy got only 2 cruisers in AA50 ed. The rare pieces are rare, so because of that we need to buy 2 or more copies.

    Here is the piece count:
    Inf 20, Mech 6, Art 6 and Tank 8 (USA got only 6 Tanks)
    Ftr 8, Tac 6 and Bomb 6
    Tranny 6, Sub 6, DD 6, CA 4, BB 4 and CV 2 (USA got 4 CV’s)

    Japan got dobble of that, like 40 inf, 12 Art, 12 Tanks but only 6 new Mech’s.
    Japan got 16 Ftr but only 6 of the new Tac’s
    Japan got dobble of all ships, since there are no new ship pieces.

  • The other units:
    China got 30 infantry, and start with 12, so no problems here.
    The chips and dice are the same bag from AA42 ed, I’m too lazy to count.
    AirBAse = 16, and in set-up there are 10.
    NavalBase = 16, and in set-up 9
    AA-guns = 12, and in set-up 5
    Major IC = 8, and in set-up 4
    Minor IC = 8, and in set-up 1

  • If we take the available pieces and compare to what we need in set-up, we only got 2 issues.

    Japan start with 10 Tac’s, but got only 6 Tac pieces. To some people this might be a consern, butt as I said yesterday, just buy 2 or more copies of the game and problem solved.

    Japan also start with 14 fighters, and got a total of 16 fighter pieces. Again an easy fix. Just dont buy more fighters before you have lost someone in combat.

    Other than that, USA start with 3 trannies, out of a total of 6 tranny pieces. But again, just stack your ships on grey chips, and keep the fleet together, and this will work just fine. If you run out of grey chips, just take from your old A&A games.


    The main mold got 8 Fighters, 6 Tac’s and 6 Bombers carved in. Every player got one of this set.
    Japan got two sets, but they have removed all the Tac’s and Mech’s from the second set.
    So Japan get twice the infantry, artillery, fighters, destroyers and so on, but only one set of Tac’s and Mech’s.

    It is beyond doubt that WOTC have a man on the production line, that removes the extra Tac’s and Mech’s from Japan’s bag. This extra worker will in fact explain the high cost of the game.

    Butt why do they run bussiness in this strange way ?
    Razor figure it is because IL always mails WOTC and claim that his copies are missing pieces, so they need a lot of extra pieces to send him. This is the only rational explaination.

  • How did you know this?

    I complained i didn’t have any pieces for all 6 copies… so WOTC just mailed out all the extras taken from every other copy.

    Thats what happened.


    Signed Piece Junkie

  • And people think I am bad ?

  • @Razor:

    And people think I am bad ?

    No comment.

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