Pacifc: House Rule Brain Storm

  • Incorperating some of my additions to A&A 50th, as well as insperation from the community; this is my list of prototype house rules. Ive yet to play a full game of pacific, yet these ideas continue to rattle around in my head.

    My objective is a “one page” historical house rule suplement to the Pacific Theatre

    Changes to The Game Board
    None at this time (might add Russia as a power here, but im not sure if its a waste of time)

    Changes to Production
    Victory City Infrastructure Victory Cities contain enough commerce, industry and manpower to allow you to mobilize one infantry unit there during the place units phase. You must have controled this Victory City at the begining of this turn. Likewise, the convoy zones adjacent to that Victory City as well as the closest controled Industrial complex must be free of enemy units or else mobilzation there is forbidden.

    Changes to Units
    Artillery During the first round of an amphibious invasion only, defending artillery fire before all other combat units as if they had submarine “suprise strike”. For purposes of bombardment, ships may fire for units taken as casualties. Additonaly, hits from naval bombardment must be assigned to defending artilery first if any are present.

    Special Rules
    The Atomic Bomb After the 10th game turn, American strategic bombers may use atomic weapons during stratigic bombing. This is done as follows. Roll 4 dice and have the American Player assign them as follows.

    Highest Value - Stategic Bombing damage done to Industrial Complex
    Higher Intermidate Value - Number of Japanese land units destroyed (chosen by the American player)
    Lower Intermidate Value - Permanent damage done to the IPC value of the territory
    Lowest Value - Permanent Damage to the Industrial Complex

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