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Allied victory too easy!!!!! :cry:

  • Well isn’t it a little early to start complaining about something that we don’t have information on yet :?  I would say its safe to make an assumption that Germany will be strong right off the bat.  This being said after seeing the Japanese setup.  But I would say the German setup will probably land units than air units.  That would be my guess.

  • Boy how all of our thoughts have changed.

  • Look Axis need:

    Berlin (Hold your capital as Germany, not too hard)
    Warsaw (Don’t be pushed in after “Operation Barbarossa”
    Rome (Hold Italy’s capital)
    Tokyo (Hold your cute little island)
    Shanghai (Don’t let China or India take it)
    Paris (Do your G1 attack)
    Cairo (As Italy, just get pass)
    Calcutta (Get pass weaker India)
    Leningrad (Start plowing towards Moscow)
    Stalingrad (Get ready for the big hit)
    Moscow (Apply your big hit)
    Sydney (Get enough troops in Australia)
    Hong Kong (Capture Kwangtaung)
    Honolulu (Land a huge force on the island)


    Berlin (Get pass Paris, cripple Germany in the East, get enough troops in after how long?)
    Tokyo (Land on the island with enough troops to take like a million infantry!)
    Rome (Land in France or Sicily move up take Italy’s capital)

    I think Axis are easier.

  • @Axisgirl:

    But the Axis have sooo many more to take!

    Half of them will be easy.

  • Well lets see…USA would be the country that protects Canada so to take Canada you would have to take the USA! BOOM solved

  • If you look at the objectives of the game they are really the same as what most players usually play.  Most players concede once a power has fallen and there is no chance of liberation.  All the axis need to do is take a power out of the game, Russia.  (Don’t even mention anything about France.  Taking out France doesn’t count.)  Once the Allies Take out Germany the game is basically over.  IF you play by standard rules than yes the allies will have it way harder because the cities the axis need they either start with or take one their pursuit of IPCs and NOs.  The Allies need to reverse all of those gains and then take their capital, which will take many waves of allied troops to destroy all of the units the axis powers will build to defend.

  • I agree. The axis objectives are much easier than the allies. While it’s not necessary to take anywhere in north America as the axis, the allies need all three axis capitals. I’ve never taken any north American territory as Germany, and japan has never captured washington (although I admit, when japan starts fortifying west us, we usually call the game).

  • @mike:

    Well lets see…USA would be the country that protects Canada so to take Canada you would have to take the USA! BOOM solved

    Like the other dude said, you don’t take North America. London, Washington, San Fransisco, and Ottawa will hold (in your average Axis victory game,)

    This is what you start with:

    1. Berlin
    2. Warsaw
    3. Rome
    4. Tokyo
    5. Shanghai

    Not a lot, here’s what will be yours after turn 1

    1. Berlin
    2. Warsaw
    3. Rome
    4. Tokyo
    5. Shanghai
    6. Paris

    After Japan makes war with the Allies

    7. Hong Kong
    8. Manila

    Later on after war is made with Russia

    9. Leningrad

    Then the Allies have: Honolulu, Sydney, Calcutta, Moscow, Stalingrad, Cairo, London, Ottawa, Washington, San Fransisco

    Some you’ll get over time, Cairo and Calcutta
    Some you’ll need to be sneaky, Sydney and Honolulu
    Some you’ll need to be brave. Moscow and Stalingrad

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