• Who says what to:

    2 IC by Britain (Australia/India)
    KJF with America
    Stack Persia with Russia to defend India factory
    send 3 turn shuck of Russian infantry into China (2 inf ea turn, 6 total)
    Russian 8 inf mob into Man Rus2

    Tell me what you think. I feel that holding the center against Japan and Italy (especially Japan) is the key to balancing this fantasy scenario.

    With Britain, save the 13 IPC (or 2 tech, or 1 fig), and act with what you can in the Atlantic. Russia would have to play aggressive, I would feel a 50/50 of tanks and infantry, with 1 fig minimum turn 3.

  • Using this strat, with average dice and aggressive Germany, Moscow will will fall before allies can make any significant impact.

  • @Subotai:

    Using this strat, with average dice and aggressive Germany, Moscow will will fall before allies can make any significant impact.

    Well that is the key:  Keeping Moscow in Russian hands as long as possible (because in this strat, it’s fall is inevitable) Instead of UK buying an IC in Australia, you might consider turning London into a FTR factory to go to Moscow on their way to India.

    Perhaps a UK factory in later rounds could be placed in Australia or else where (like if USA focus on getting the east indies or borneo back as early as possible?

    I am not saying this is a winning move, just thought it might work a bit better in the effort to hold Russia longer to get USA more time to threaten Japan.  In other words, I think I would rather have the direct support of Russia over an expansionistic {costly} effort of Australia.

    Bottom line to this strategy is that it MIGHT work if Germany’s round one buy is mostly inf.

  • '16 '15 '10

    The ideas I would jettison would be the Manch stack and the Aussie factory.  The Aussie factory would only be useful for producing fleet…yet UK can hardly afford that.  I’d consider a South Africa factory or a late game East Indies factory instead.  The Manch stack is a bad idea because it’s likely to be a bad trade, and will lead to the fall of Siberia…and as long as USA is being aggressive, Siberia should be low on Japan’s priority list.  If the Jap fleet dies or is forced to run…THEN you threaten Manch.

    Beyond that I agree with Subotai that Moscow is destined to fall, and if Japan plays good defense, their fleet will still be alive when Moscow falls.  The key to making this work would be aggression in China/SE Asia and taking the Jap fleet by surprise.  Not likely to work against an expert, but good for taking down a less experienced player.

    This tactic would be more tempting in 42, where the starting dynamics are more favorable, but similarly risky.

  • If I saw that, as G I would purchase all armor for 2-3 turns then dance in moscow on G4, 5 at the latest, right around when japan took India.

    Best way for Russia to help hold India is to build a bomber in Cauc and sink the Jap trannie at the Indies then land in India, along with 2ish armor in Cauc to run to india if needed.

  • I would agree that forgoing an AUS factory in fav of UK fig would be the better of 2 options.  Even then there is no wa this strat could be applied with an consistency, nor could it be used for a set up in an “average” game once it has been initally employed, it’s just to easy to spot and crack once it has been seen once while working under “typical” circumstances.

  • Vareel, you can’t foresee that in advance since Germany is first to play.

    So if Egypt is still alive and Germany did not go all tanks: I would maybe try it with both ICs depending on the position of Japan fleet. I think it should be a priority for any decent player to avoid Japan taking India J2, IC or not, by moving/buying enough russian troops to counter it ( usually 5-6 units in range ). Tanks offer a good flexibility for this kind of action as you can move out fast before J3.

    I would stack Buratya first turn to try lure Japan there ( prolly won’t work but would place Russia in range of Manchuria. ) If you proceed, you’ll need to buy a bomber on turn 1 with Russia to give that stack a real offensive punch.

    A Russian bomber turn 1 in caucasus CAN reach Manchuria round 2 AND also is in range to give some headache to Japan in Indian ocean, possibly meaning 1 less transport to threaten India. This is what your opening is lacking I think. At least that bomber won’t be cuting myself other options later on. I’ve see people go with 2 bomber early on, I find it a bit reckless but eh  :lol:

    However, my view is still that Russia need to answer every german tank with tanks her own when possible, so I’ll refer again to my first paragraph.

  • Doesn’t matter, the G1 purchase of 9inf/1 art, or 7inf/2 arm will reach moscow on G5, along with the 18ish armor purchased G2/3.  If UK isn’t playing in the atlantic, and russia is sending troops at japan, that means moscow falls G5.  G6 at the absolute latest.  And to make it even worse, the can opener threat is insane.  Russia was made too weak in 41, and she is the only ally that can effect Japan before japan goes nutso income.

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