• I haven’t got the copy yet. But a wild idea is can we do a west coast rush by JP.
    Since the US mobilize in Turn 3, which means JP has 3 rounds to do their pre-work.

    I am not sure of the initial IPC, but I think JP is capable to buy 4 more carriers in two rounds at least. In that sense, they can dump in 4 tac bombers, 4 fighter pairs on these 4 new carriers, merges with the existing ships/ carrier we can imagine on the board and sail to the west coast of  US launch an attach on J3 .

    By that time, US just have 2 rounds of 10 IPC new income.

    Any chance of storming the West Cost by Turn 3?

  • 4 carriers in 2 rounds is 64 IPC. Japan starts with 26, so needs a production+NO’s of 38 after J1. Possible if you take out Hawaii J1 but otherwise I don’t see how you would get those (and you don’t want war with USA)

    Also USA will see this attack coming and respond with their build. Anzac has a bunch of ftrs as well, and will reinforce from NZ

    So even with 4 CV’s extra, you have 12 ftrs/tacticals and 3 fully loaded transports at a maximum. With USA spending there 34 IPC in infantry only and reinforced by Anzac ftrs you have not that much chance to land the WC. Meanwhile India and China will have a cakewalk on the mainland.

    This is one thing that the playtesters covered well. Now I hope the India crush is covered somehow too cuz our playgroup hasn’t found a defence vs that one yet.

  • The U.S. can stop this by throwing ships in Japan’s way. Japan will be unable to move forward without attacking the U.S., and an attack means air raid sirens and 50 IPCs for 'Merica.

  • from what im hearing you can “move through” sea zones containing enemy units you arent at war with yet, because they arent yet considered hostile, but you cant end a turn in a sea zone with units of an opposition power. so for this to work as the US you have to stack ships 2 zones deep.

    sort of emulates pearl harbor that way, having to spread the fleet out to cover all bases. Also prevents allies from totaly locking down japan by surronding its navy with boats, forcing it into war prematurely

  • Thanks for the comments.
    Aftr viewing the setup map, any chance to sneak on the west cost


    initally JP got 3 AC, get further purchase 1 more AC and destroyer in JP1

    Assume if I move all ships in Sea of Japan to sea zone 14 in JP1, stick right there, and the other fleet  send up to north pacific next to Hawaii.

    in JP2, move the additon AC and the newly pruchased destroyer to sea zone 14

    in JP 3, lanch the assault, by ignoring the block on seazon 9 by US since it is still hostile, and declare war on the west coast. ( I am not sure if this violate the rules though)

    Any chances of a success?

  • No because you cannot ignore the block since you will be declaring war that turn.

  • I have never played any AAP so i dont know how do naval bases exactly work but I think they add 1 to the range os ships right? IF so then is it possible to raid hawaii on J1 and raid the west coast sea by J2? then rush back east to focus the J navy on the other allied forces?

  • '19

    That is how naval bases work so it is possible in the sense that it isnt against the rules however it would require miracle dice to pull off combined with an inept US player.

    First you would have to take out the US fleet which is easy.

    Then you would have to take Hawaii so that you could reach western US.

    Hawaii has 2 infantry 1 bomber 1 tac 1 ftr
    None of Japans planes can reach land so japan would only be able to attack with 2 transports from Japan (2 inf 1 art and 1 arm) and 1 transport from carolines ( 1inf).  Possible but would need pretty good dice.

    So all that is certainly possible.

    Then the US has its fleet at sz 10 which maybe you could destroy. 
    Then assuming you lost no units from the invasion of Hawaii you would have 3 inf 1 art 1 arm vs 4 inf 1 art 1 arm 1 bom 3 ftrs 1 tac bomber (9 v 29) which would be assuming the US didnt purchase anything round 1 which wont be the case.

    So the only chance would be if you got lucky and captured hawaii and then the US player abandoned West USA without a fight.

    Would be a suicide assault and would absolutely cripple Japan.

  • @ksmckay:

    Hawaii has 2 infantry 1 bomber 1 tac 1 ftr

    None of Japans planes can reach land so japan would only be able to attack with 2 transports from Japan (2 inf 1 art and 1 arm) and 1 transport from carolines ( 1inf).  Possible but would need pretty good dice.

    I have been thinking about invading Hawaii on J1.  You forgot to include the 2 Battleship, 1 Cruiser bombardment on top of the 3 Infantry and 2 Artillery versus 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber, 1 Bomber, and 2 Infantry.

    With the bombardment Japan hits at 3.3 in Round 1, Japan barely wins with average rolls.  Without the bombardment Japan hits at 1.5 in Round 1, Japan would lose most of the time on average rolls.

  • '19

    Sure, You can take hawaii.  What you cant do is take Western US.  Not without playing an inept US player.

  • Although it’s nice to capture Hawaii your fleet is completely out of position. And in the end you can’t hold on long enough to Hawaii to get that 6th victory city, so why bother?  😉

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