• Got it tonight! Set it up on the kitchen table and just droolled for a while. The game itself was a blast to play but I found all the previous complaints to be true, however not too tough to work around. I really really REALLY like the tac bombers. The game feels like there is a ton of depth to it but at half past eleven I had to call it quits. Japan wound up with everything but Hawaii and San Fran…

    I let my three year old roll the not so nice dice that came with the game (kept him amused) and played with my star wars dice (basically a nice set of velvet chessex). Borrowed chips and IPCs from Revised. The battle strip shouldn’t even have been included with the game. It was tough keeping track of some the newer rules like NOs. I was happy just to find boxes for each country because my copy of revised still has old fishing tackle boxes and plastic baggies for storage…

  • Got home tonight from Fort Sill, and my copy had arrived this early this week week.  Plan to check it out tomorrow, and then start my letters to WotC to get new battle strip and pieces if (!) I need any.

  • Which reminds me, I need to get a new battlestrip, pronto!

  • Received my copy today. $68 and free shipping!

  • Sorry I did not reply sooner.  I got mine on Christmas day.  My wife bought it for me from a local shop in Rochester, NY.  Not sure what she paid for it though.

  • Just got back from vacation and my copy was waiting for me , awesome I am very excited despite the the problems 🙂 With the help of everyone one the forum’s I am sure it will prove to be the best A+A yet 🙂

  • '21 '18

    Sire Fred. Location: Quebec City area. I bought my copy before Christmas and I find the game even more exciting than I tought when the preview were released. Team work and attrition are the keys for an Allied victory!

  • Customizer

    just got my copy

  • Still waiting for mine…

    In mid december the vendor delayed the estimated shipping time to end of december
    In the end of december the vendor delayed the estimated shipping time to mid january
    In mid january the vendor delayed the estimated shipping time to end of january
    Now the vendor delayed the estimated shipping time to mid february


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    I think it’s time to find a new vendor…

  • I would demand a refund.

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