Game peice shortage?

  • when you run out of peices, whether tanks, ic’s, or AA guns,can you no longer purhase these items or can you raid them from another game? Ithought i read somewhere that units could not be purchased if they ran out. I also heard of people buying 2 games so they could have extra peices?

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    In classic there was a limitation on the number of groups of units you could have but not on the actual number of units; eg there were only 3 groups of bombers available.  In AA50 I don’t think there are any limitations.

  • I have played the original game hundreds of times and to my knowldege there were never any limits and I used to know that rule book inside and out.

  • so, if the peices are all gone you can import peices from another game? example: in aa1942 there are 12 ic’s.the game begins with 8 ic’s on the board. When the other 4 are purchased , can others be imported( from another game)?

  • As far as I know, yes. Ask Krieghund to be sure.

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    Welcome, Llordbone!

    Battlingmaxo is correct.  In A&A Classic (1984), you are limited to the actual pieces in the game.  In every other A&A game since, you may use anything you like to represent units once you run out of pieces.  Getting them from another A&A game seems like the best choice to me.

  • Thanks for the reply!

  • Like I said, just ask Krieghund. He is the answer man.

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